Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Rural Advantage/Healthy Farms Conference Recap Part II

Following a successful day one of the conference was going to be crucial and hard to do, but we did! Day 2 began with our annual meeting, which included the president's report as well as the executive director's report and elections. The turnout was good, however I received a good piece of advice to have the meeting after the festivities the night before. This would both increase attendance and the levity!

Day 2 also marked to commencement of our silent auction. We must have made a dozen or so trips in hauling the donations to our general session room. We had a good number of donations, even more so than our record breaking number last year. Both the silent and live auction are some of our most popular and vital fund raisers and it was absolutely essential to have a good turnout. We are fortunate to have such wonderful and active individuals and organizations who donate to support a cause such as NSAS!

Another carry over from Day 1 was the puzzle adventure with our technology. Needless to say I was by this time well-versed in switching out, unplugging, and transferring technology that one remarked "You almost looked like you knew what you were doing!" In any event the technology adventure worked out. We did have one projector that seemed intent on fizzling out, but it held on until the end.

By the end of the day we had exceeded our attendance expectations considering the weather. While our numbers were down they were quite good and would have seen an increase from the previous year had the weather cooperated. All in all it was a great conference! From NSAS members contributions to a wonderfully orchestrated logistically success from the hotel, I believe the conference promoted and fostered growth in the movement!

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