Friday, July 2, 2010

Nebraska Sustainable Agriculture Society receives grant to do Farm -to-School Project!

USDA Rural Development Awards Funds for Business Development and Entrepreneurship

Lincoln, Neb., June 29, 2010--The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Rural Development has awarded $272,000 to five non-profits in Nebraska that will support business development and entrepreneurship in Nebraska.

Recipients are:

Sandhills Journey Scenic Byway of Mullen will use $99,900 to contract with a qualified individual (s) to assist them to promote existing Byway businesses, raise awareness of new business creation opportunities and attract travelers to a rural and relatively underserved region of Nebraska. Funds will be used for marketing, promotion and technical assistance. At a minimum this project will create/save 10 jobs. Assistance will impact the eight counties of Blaine, Custer, Garden, Grant, Hooker, Sheridan, Sherman and Thomas.

Nebraska Sustainable Agriculture Society, Inc (NSAS) of Hartington will utilize $99,000 to provide technical assistance and training for local food businesses and producers in six counties through participation in the Farm to School Pilot Program to sell locally grown food to area schools. The project will create/save 13 jobs. NSAS will partner with the University of Nebraska Department of Nutrition and Health Services, the University of Nebraska Rural Initiative and the Nebraska Local Food Network.

Ansley Economic Development Inc. of Ansley received $60,100 to make renovations to an existing building owned by Ansley Economic Development Inc., in order to create a business incubator with space for five small rural business enterprises in Ansley. It is estimated that three jobs will be saved or created as a result of this project in a community of 520 in population.

Creighton Community Schools in Creighton is the recipient of $8,000 and Crawford Public Schools in Crawford received $5,000 to each install a wind turbine used for educational purposes. Both schools partner with the National Renewable Energy Lab’s Wind for Schools program. The program objectives include engaging rural America in the concept that wind offers an alternative energy and economic future for rural America, engaging rural teachers and rural students in energy education, and equipping high school Juniors and Seniors with knowledge of the wind energy field to provide the growing U.S. wind industry with interested and equipped engineers. This project will create and/or save at least one job in rural Creighton, a community of 1,270 in population. In Crawford the project will create and/or save at least two jobs in this rural community of 1,107 in population. Future employment opportunities within the renewable energy field will also be fostered as a result of this educational funding.

For more information on USDA Rural Development Rural Business Enterprise Grants, contact Deborah Drbal at (402) 437-5558 or

For more information about the NSAS Farm-To-School project email William at

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