Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Farm Beginnings Nebraska Set to Begin January 4th!

The Nebraska Sustainable Agriculture Society (NSAS) will hosts its next Farm Beginnings Nebraska Program at the First National Bank in Syracuse January 4th. 

As part of a USDA Farmer and Rancher Grant, NSAS is facilitating the Farm Beginnings Nebraska Program. The Farm Beginnings Nebraska Program is an educational training and support program designed to help people who want to evaluate and plan their farm enterprise.

Farm Beginnings Nebraska participants engage in a mentor-ship experience and network with a variety of successful, innovative farmers; attend practical, high quality seminars, field days and conferences. The program is unique in that it is farmer led and coordinated. A majority of the presenters include farmers explaining firsthand the ins and outs of their farm and are followed up with tours. A major focus of the program is for those interested in utilizing sustainable and holistic management principles, including organic farming.

The Farm Beginnings Nebraska Program consists of a series of 10 sessions from January to April that cover a variety of topics including: holistic management, building networks, goal setting, whole farm planning, building your business plan, financing, marketing, business and farm management and financial management. While the class participants will learn firsthand from the farmers, they will also work on developing their own business plan as they progress through the course.

As part of the class tuition, participants will also have the opportunity to attend the Healthy Farms Conference at the Younes Conference Center in Kearney February 14th and 15th. The Healthy Farms Conference has been held annually for over 35 years and is the annual conference of NSAS. Sessions this year will include; hugelkulture, homeopathy for the farm, vegetable production, grass-fed beef, local foods policy council, cover crops, organic farming, bee keeping, young and beginning farm opportunities, farm transitioning, agri-tourism and more. Farm tours are also part of the Farm Beginnings Nebraska program. Both during the course and at the concluding we will visit around 10-15 farms highlighted by a twilight tour and potluck. Tuition for the is $500, but you may qualify for a partial scholarship. Your tuition includes; Farm Beginnings notebooks and handouts Joel Salatin's, Holy Cow and Hog Heaven book Meals at each session, and an NSAS membership.  For details and to sign-up

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