Wednesday, February 5, 2014

2014 Healthy Farms Conference Breakout Sessions IV

Breakout Sessions
Saturday, February 15th. 9:30am. 

Identification and Management of Flies Associated with Livestock. Kristina Friesen

The four common ‘filth flies’ associated with livestock are horn flies, stable flies, face flies, and house flies.  Because the behavioral ecology and economic impact of each fly is unique, livestock producers must be able to implement a management plan tailored to their system.  During this presentation, the identification, behavior, impact, and management of each fly will be discussed.  

About Kristina: Kristina Friesen is a medical and livestock entomologist working with the USDA’s Agricultural Research Service.  I received my degrees in microbiology, entomology, and animal science from Montana State University.  For my graduate studies I investigated the transmission of West Nile virus in a colony of American white pelicans, then stable fly development and behavior.  After graduating from MSU, I was hired by the ARS to focus on stable fly development and management.

Lone Tree Foods. Lori Tatreau

LTF is a groundbreaking network of local food producers in western Iowa & eastern Nebraska, dedicated to safe, sustainable, & humane production practices. As producers expand into new markets, LTF provides the necessary training, marketing, technical assistance and mentoring. This innovative alliance of non-profits, community colleges, restaurants and trainers work to build the capacity of our producer members. Lone Tree Foods creates systems that support increased access to locally grown and raised foods for professional food buyers. By linking resources in Iowa and Nebraska, we are bridging urban and rural communities to build a united, community-based food system. Lone Tree Foods is a group of famers producing local food and selling into the Omaha, Lincoln, Council Bluffs areas to wholesale buyers such as restaurants and stores. We work together to establish quality and delivery standards, purchase supplies, crop plan, and educate ourselves. We are working toward a full local food aggregation and distribution system and possible food hub. If you would like to learn more about our group, how to participate, and our plans for the future and general insight into the local food system and wholesale sales, please join me for this interactive presentation.

About Lori: Lori Tatreau is a passionate local food advocate working to rebuild a sustainable local food supply. She has been a local food buyer for a small health food grocer, a bouquet maker at the Omaha Farmer’s Market, an organic farm apprentice, Local Forager for the Midwest Region of Whole Foods Market, organizer of a local food dinner for 500, and George Paul Vinegar sales associate. In addition to managing the Midweek Market at Midtown Crossing, she is currently manager of Lone Tree Foods, a local food producers network for farmers ready to scale up to wholesale sales. She is also President of the Douglas County chapter of the Nebraska Farmers Union, and member of the Marketplace Committee of the Nebraska Agriculture Council, a project of the Humane Society of the United States. In 2012 Lori was hostess and organizer of the monthly Hootenanny series at the Waiting Room in Benson which raised money for local food and farm projects. She is an Omaha native with an MFA in Painting from Hunter College in New York and hopes to retire to a bison ranch in the Sandhills someday.

CSA 102- How two beginner farmers started a CSA program from scratch.  26th Street Farm.
Hannah Keen and Will Boal, farmers at 26th Street Farm (a two acre CSA farm in Hastings, NE), will present on how they successfully started a CSA program in a smaller community, and the lessons learned after two years of being a beginner farmer. If you are interested in starting a CSA, this will be a good choice for you.  We also would like to encourage an open dialogue with other CSA farmers, so please attend and share your stories.

About Hannah & Will:
Hannah Keen is a Nebraska native who's farming interests come from growing up with a family that always had a kitchen garden.  After moving to the Pacific Northwest for a farming internship, she met Will Boal.  Due to their acess of Land in Nebraska, they moved back and together they are beginning their third year farming two acres in Hastings, Nebraska.

Will Boal is an Oregon native who grew up in the city, but during college realized his interest in farming and ending up embarking on a variety of farm internsips before ending up on a vegetable farm in Washington State where he met Hannah Keen.  2014 will be the third year of farming at 26th Street Farm in Hastings, Nebraska.

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