Monday, June 2, 2014

Weekly Events & Opportunities in Sustainable Agriculture

Drip Irrigation and Small Farm Equipment

June 2. Olathe, Kansas. This evening workshop is part of the Growing Growers series of workshops that address skills required to run a local farm. Workshops are geared toward beginner farmers, but all the classes offer great information and skill development for more experienced farmers as well.

Keen on Quinoa Breeding

Tuesday, June 3 at 12:00 pm. This presentation is part of the "How to Breed New Plant Varieties: Imagining and Engineering Crops" series and describes the breeding of quinoa. Presented by Dr. Kevin Murphy, Washington State University.

Breaking into Retail

June 3. Online. Join the CCOF Foundation, Donna Sky of the Love & Hummus Company, Jessica Rolph of Happy Family, and Harvindar Singh of Whole Foods Market for this online educational program. Learn innovative strategies for getting your product on shelves and hear a buyer's perspective on what he looks for when purchasing products for Whole Foods Market. Gain new insight in marketing, packaging, relationship building, and achieving your goals of getting into retail.

Nebraska Ag. Council CAFO Meeting

The Nebraska Agriculture Council of The HSUS is hosting a meeting to discuss recent campaigns aimed at increasing the number of confined animal feeding operations in our state.  Raising public awareness regarding the environmental and economic impact of industrialized agriculture will be a key focus of this conversation. Please join us! Thursday, June 5th. 1:00-2:30PM. Holiday Inn – “Board Room” (2503 S Locust St) in Grand Island. We will be sharing ideas to establish Nebraska as a leader in sustainable agricultural practices and how we can work together to protect our land, animals, food, and families. RSVP to Jocelyn,, c 402.541.7077

Commonly Used Organic Inputs

June 5. Online. This webinar is part of the "Understanding Organic and Sustainable Agriculture" series presented by the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service East and West National Technology Support Centers and Oregon Tilth. Lindsay Fernandez-Salvador, Technical Director of the Organic Materials Review Institute, will discuss the basic regulations governing inputs used in organic production, including identifying types of products that need more thorough evaluation for compliance. Emphasis will be placed on reviewing the most common inputs used in organic production, especially for fertility and pest control. Participants will have an activity to look at a label and identify common issues of concern to address with farmers to ensure they get correct information. Finally, participants will learn how to use the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) list more effectively in their daily interactions with organic producers.

Legal and Financial Clinic

Thursday, June 5. Grand Island. Call the Farm Hotline at 800-464-0258 to sign up.

Webinar on NOP Seed Requirement

June 6. Organic Seed Alliance will present a live webinar that educates certifiers and certified operations on the topic of organic seed availability and sourcing. The webinar will cover the organic seed regulatory requirement, including the National Organic Program's (NOP) 2013 guidance that aimed to clarify this requirement. Perspectives on enforcement and sourcing challenges will be shared, as well as recommendations for improving organic seed sourcing.

Legal and Financial Clinic

Friday, June 6. Norfolk. Call the Farm Hotline at 800-464-0258 to sign up.

Midwest Women’s Herbal Conference

June 6-8. Mukwonago, Wis. Centered in the Wise Woman Tradition, the conference provides a gathering space to focus on earth-centered healing, nourishment, and the plants that grow around us. Conference includes plant walks, entertainment and over 40 workshops.


Trading Salutes for Eggs

YORK -- Dan Hromas reached down and ruffled the rust-colored tail feathers of a chicken. The Rhode Island Red squatted briefly, then shook and strutted away with a cluck. Hromas smiled and laughed. “They’re a great dual purpose breed. They’re excellent egg layers, and when they’re done, I can sell them as stewing hens,” the Iraq War veteran said. After nearly two decades protecting U.S. freedom and interests as a soldier, the former Marine and current member of the Nebraska Army National Guard has found new purpose and resolve through his flock of 600 chickens. Read the rest about Dan and Prairie Pride Poultry at,


Halal Processing

I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with customer requests for halal (Muslim) processing. I had someone call me about purchasing lamb processed in accordance with halal. I told them we could provide them with the live lamb but that all processing would need to be done off premises. But rather than do it themselves they were looking to possibly have it processed at a locker but I haven't got a clue of any lockers in Nebraska that do halal.  Anybody know of any anywhere in Nebraska? Doesn't have to be USDA inspected, so just state inspected is okay. Todd,

Turkey Eggs

A customer of mine in York is interested in buying turkey eggs, for consumption... is there anyone that sells turkey eggs? Dan Hromas, Prairie Pride Poultry,  

Packing Shed

Is there anyone locally Iowa/Nebraska what will help consult/contract with building a packing shed? Thanks, Ellen.  712-579-1933 

Gompert Bull for Sale

 A just five year old Gompert black angus bull for sale.  Four years ago I contacted the late Terry Gompert to buy one of his forage developed bulls.  I bought three yearlings at that time.  He suggested to me that his top sort bull was out of a 14 year old cow that had never missed a calving.  He is thick, easy fleshing, with excellent ultrasound scores for marbling and tenderness. He is an excellent, medium framed bull.   I have been raising my own bulls and have decided to let this one go while he is still in good breeding condition.  I also would have a couple of his sons, one red and one black, out of Pharo influenced females.  If you are interested get back to me and we can talk.  Paul & Cyndie Rohrbaugh, Pawnee Pride Meats, Steinauer, 

Bred Grass-fed Beef Cow For Sale

If interested please drop me an email or call for more information. Doug Garrison, Malcolm,,  


Lighting for small and backyard layer flocks

Monday, June 9 at 5:00 pm. To keep hens laying through the winter, light control is essential. Dr. Michael Darre of the University of Connecticut will be discussing on the role of light and how to manage it in small and backyard layer flocks.

Green Cover Field Day

The first meeting is being sponsored and hosted by Scott Gonnerman at his farm near Waco, NE (6 miles North, 1 mile East of Waco, NE) on June 11th from 9am-4:30pm. More information can be found here

Holistic Biological Monitoring: Boots on the Ground:

June 20. 1-day workshop, 8:00 a.m.—5:00 p.m. Location : To be determined.  All workshop fees include lunch and refreshments. For further information about the workshops contact Bob Shields at 308-379-1361 or

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