Monday, December 8, 2014

Weekly Events & Opportunities in Sustainable Farming & Foods

The Beginning Farmer’s Introduction to Farm Law

December 8. Online. In this Farm Commons webinar, beginning farmers will get a preview of the many legal issues they should consider when just starting out with farming. What business entity should a farmer choose? Which insurance policies are really important? What about that farmland lease--when should it be written down and what should it say? Is there anything to know about farmers market sales, volunteers, or working with family members? This webinar will touch on all of these questions and more.

Legal and Financial Clinic

Monday, December 8. Elm Creek. Call the Farm Hotline at 800-464-0256 to sign up.

2014 Farm Bill Workshops

December 8th. Multiple locations.  Central City at the City Hall. Aurora at the Leadership Center. For more information contact the FSA or Extension office in the host county.

Entomology Seminar on Impacts of Instructional Methods and Conservation Awareness on Pollinator Cons

December 9. 4:00 pm. UNL's East Campus Union in Lincoln. “Impacts of Instructional Methods and Conservation Awareness on Pollinator Conservation Practices to Gain Knowledge of Native Nebraska Urban Bee Populations” presented by Natalia Bjorklund, entomology graduate student.  Jeri Cunningham,

Permaculture on Organic Farms: The State of Play

Tuesday, December 9 at 1:00 pm. Join eOrganic for a webinar on Permaculture on Organic Farms. The webinar is free and open to the public, and advance registration is required. Register now at

Put Your CSA on Strong Legal Footing

December 9. Online. This Farm Commons webinar provides an opportunity to learn how an attorney sees CSA and what you can do to protect your farm. This webinar will also discuss risks with farm volunteer programs and buying the right insurance.

Webinar on NOP Organic Integrity Database

December 9. The AMS National Organic Program (NOP) and Information Technology Service (ITS) will host an interactive webinar regarding the development of the Organic Integrity Database. The NOP will open with a short presentation about the database development project, including its goals, current development priorities, and timeline. They will then invite feedback from the group about the database priorities, and any additional requirements that are critical to the organic community and consumers. Step 1: Dial In by Phone, Toll-Free (U.S. & Canada) 866-740-1260. Access Code: 7202000. Step 2: Access the meeting URL 
On the left side of the screen, enter Participant Access Code 7202000

Kansas Forage and Grassland Council Winter Conference and Annual Meeting

December 9. Manhattan, Kansas. The agenda includes sessions on integrating livestock with crops, managed intensive grazing, managing nitrates, and grazing grasslands.

2014 Farm Bill Workshops

December 9th. Multiple locations.  Fullerton at the Eagles Club. Norfolk at the Norfolk Community College. Tecumseh at the Baptist Center. Pierce at the White House. Alma with the location TBA. For more information contact the FSA or Extension office in the host county.

A discussion of trade agreements and the threat to food

December 10th. 3:00–4:30 p.m. EST / 2:00–3:30 p.m. CST. Join us on Twitter for #FoodTradeFail, a discussion with the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy (IATP) and a host of other experts and organizations to get your questions answered. Two trade agreements are set to threaten years of work supporting family farmers, good food and building a more just food system in favor of corporate profits. As negotiations continue in secret and the President seeks to secure Fast Track authority to avoid working with Congress, it is essential that those who care about our food system weigh in. What do those interested in fighting for a better food and farm system need to know to influence the debate?

Feeds and Feeding of Pullets and Layers Webinar

December 10. In this eXtension webinar, Dr. Paul Patterson from Penn State University will be discussing the feeding of replacement pullets and laying hens. Dr. Patterson is a nutritionist. The central theme of his extension and research programs is environmental poultry management. Efforts focus on discovering and promoting efficient poultry production systems that place minimum burden on the environment.

Grazing Guides for Dairy Systems Webinar Series: Tall Grass Grazing for Dairies

December 10. Online. Tall grass grazing has become a popular management practice for beef cattle in recent years. Learn how this practice is being applied to dairy grazing. This webinar is presented by Mena Hautau, Penn State Extension. This session is part of a monthly webinar series that will cover current research and basic management issues of interest to experienced, novice, conventional and/or organic, dairy grazers and industry representatives that support them.

2014 Farm Bill Workshops

December 10th. Multiple locations.  Wayne at the Wayne Fire Hall. Imperial at the Crossroads Wesleyan Church. Stanton at the Community Building. For more information contact the FSA or Extension office in the host county.

Holistic Management Workshop

December 11 and 12. Central Community College, Hastings. For Anyone interested in conserving and enhancing our precious land and water resources. Why Holistic Management: Holistic management decision making concepts were developed by Alan Savory. Whether you are a beginning farmer, a third generation rancher or a public land manager, you can learn how to apply Holistic Management principles to enhance the health of your land, and increase productivity while reducing operating costs. To learn more about Holistic Management visit: This program is being presented independently by Bob Shields, Paul Swanson and Ralph Tate who assume full responsibility for its content and all related financial, contractual and other obligations. Who to contact: Bob Shields—phone (308) 379-1361 or email

The Economics of Generating Your Own Solar Electricity

December 11th. 7pm. Speaker: Jared Friesen, Renewable Energy Specialist at Morrissey Engineering. Where: UNO’s Community Engagement Center, 64th & Dodge, Room 201.  With the developing PV industry in mind, this presentation will cover:  What is the "value of solar" as it relates to the electric utility and electric user  What is net metering, is it fair, and what are its pitfalls Performance and economic metrics a potential solar owner should understand The attainable levelized cost of solar-electric energy that can be compared directly to current OPPD energy prices for residential and small commercial customers Steps that must be taken to realize an attractive levelized cost of solar electricity. 
The workshop is free & open to the public, so please join us and bring a friend!  Contact Helen for more information,

December 10th. Multiple locations.  Beatrice at the Fairgrounds. Benkelman at the Fairgrounds. Arlington at the Fairgrounds. For more information contact the FSA or Extension office in the host county.

Legal and Financial Clinic

Thursday, December 11. North Platte. Call the Farm Hotline at 800-464-0256 to sign up.

Water + Energy Progress Bus Tour

December 12. Manhattan, Kansas. Join Water + Energy Progress Award winners Lucinda Stuenkel, Dale Strickler, Gail Fuller, and Ted Alexander for tours featuring Stuenkel and Strickler's farms in Palmer and Courtland. The tour will focus on water conservation and energy efficiency using no-till, subsurface drip irrigation, cover crops, and perennial grasses for forage and soil health. Presenters will discuss ways that renewable energy systems, like solar water pumping and fencing, can enhance operations.

Forest Botanicals: Deep and Tangled Roots

December 12. Online. This webinar is the last in a series on non-timber forest products, presented by the National Agroforestry Center, NIFA, the American Tree Farm System, and others. In this webinar, Eric Burkhart, faculty instructor at Pennsylvania State University, will share insights from his studies and involvement with native plant species on eastern U.S. forestlands that are wild-harvested for the domestic and international plant trade. Quality-control, profitability, and sustainability within this industry will be discussed.

Legal and Financial Clinic

Friday, December 12. Fairbury. Call the Farm Hotline at 800-464-0256 to sign up.


BarnRaiser at Darby Springs Farm

Deadline Extended. As you may know, we have been slowly growing our farm, Darby Springs, over the past several years. We have launched a crowdfunding campaign with Barnraiser and are asking you to join us in building a creamery barn to create farmstead ice cream, featuring local flavors, and space to learn and grow as a food community. Click here to skip the rest and get right to it: We already sell pastured meat, milk, and eggs, but want to grow to bring you farmstead ice cream and opportunities to experience all our farm has to offer. To do this the Barn will have: The Loft: event and classroom space; Community Kitchen: a certified kitchen for use by all; Farm Store: featuring our ice cream and homemade baked goods as well as other area farmers & artists; Creamery: where the wonderful desserts are made; Milking parlor. Click here to check out our video, get full project details and support our project if you can, or spread the word to your friends:

Farm Beginnings Nebraska

Farm Beginnings® is an educational training and support program designed to help people who want to evaluate and plan their farm enterprise.  Farm Beginnings® participants engage in a mentorship experience and network with a variety of successful, innovative farmers; attend practical, high quality seminars, field days and conferences.  Classes begin January 3, 2015, and conclude on April 25, 2015.  They will be held at the Douglas/Sarpy Extension Office in Omaha.  For more information about the class and how to register can be found in the brochure at:

Sustainable Farm Manager Needed

Boone County, Nebraska. My name is Ann Nore. I own but do not operate a farm in Boone County, Nebraska. My current manager is with Farmers National and  is not enthusiastic about sustainable farming practices. If interested please contact Ann at,

Farm for Sale in Western Nebraska

We have operated a pastured poultry (including processing) operation and a direct beef operation.  This would be an excellent opportunity for someone who would like to start a small scale sustainable agricultural business. We are having an auction on October 21st which will have all of our equipment for the pastured poultry operation (including processing equipment) and livestock equipment. The link for the auction is:
(check back often as we are still adding items). We also have our cattle herd for sale.  We will only sell them all to one buyer to keep the herd together.  The herd consists of approximately 40 cows and 3 bulls.  The herd is comprised of Angus and Angus/Lowline cross. If you have any questions, please call or email myself or my husband Dan. Dan's cell phone is 308-631-6849. Email 


Agricultural Working Lands: Meeting the Needs of Spring-migrating Waterfowl in the Intermountain West on Working Ranches

December 16. Online. Participants in this 1.5-hour NRCS webinar will learn about opportunities to manage irrigated haylands and pasturelands in the Intermountain West for wetland birds during spring migration.

Farm Financial Planning "Give Yourself a Financial Check-Up"

Tuesday, December 16 at 9:00 am. This webinar will discuss 20 ways that people can assess their personal financial progress and identify areas of their financial life that need improvement. Topics covered include financial quizzes, financial goal-setting, income and expense statements, net worth, debt ratios, marginal income tax brackets, retirement planning, investment performance metrics, investment risk tolerance, insurance needs, estate planning, government financial statistics, and more.  The program will conclude with suggested action steps to put the workshop content into practice.

Heart of the Farm – Why Women’s Unique Family and Farm Business Roles Matter

Tuesday, December 16 at 11:00 am. Women bring different perspectives, values and priorities to the table. This webinar will focus on what aspects of rural life are important to women, how they learn, and how that influences decision-making with regard to production, marketing and land management practices. Angie Carter is a Sociology PhD candidate co-majoring in ISU's Graduate Program in Sustainable Agriculture (GPSA). She is currently studying women farmland owners in Iowa and how they make decisions about conservation on their farmland. She also serves as a board member of the Women, Food and Agriculture Network. Angie will be joined by Jenny Barker-Devine, an assistant professor of history at Illinois College, and Sara Shepherd, owner of Sara Shepherd Farms. Join us for a webinar that highlights and celebrates the unique contributions that women bring to agriculture.

A Certified Organic Winter Nursery for Corn Breeding

Tuesday, December 16 at 1:00 pm. Join eOrganic for a webinar on running a certified organic winter nursery for corn breeding in Puerto Rico!

Why Cooperative Extension? A New Century for Food and Ag Engagement

Wednesday, December 17 at 8:30 am. Attention ‘CUSTOMERS’ Who Use the Cooperative Extension System!  This is YOUR Opportunity to Provide Feedback! The National Coalition for Food & Agricultural Research invites members and all interested stakeholders to a dialogue with Cooperative Extension Directors. While the meeting is being held in Washington ( National Council of Farmer Cooperatives , 50 F Street, NW, Suite 900, Washington, DC), the discussion will be broadcast as a webinar. These directors will be leading the discussion.  Dr. Tim Cross, Dean of Extension, University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture; NC-FAR Board Member. Dr. Michael Ouart, Vice Provost for Extension and Professor of Animal Sciences, University of Missouri; NC-FAR Research Outreach Committee Member. Please register to attend in person or by webinar at:

Learning from Our Observations of Pastures & Livestock: Preventing Pasture Problems on the Organic Dairy Webinar

December 18. Join eOrganic for a webinar on preventing pasture problems on the organic dairy farm by Sarah Flack. This webinar will review the key grazing principles that help your cattle maximize dry matter intake from pastures and avoid potential problems. It will also look at examples of how to observe the livestock, their manure, soils, and pasture plants to determine how well your pasture management system is working.

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