Tuesday, March 3, 2009


"A watered-down version of Nebraska's strict corporate farming ban that was struck down by the courts in 2006 is being considered by lawmakers. A public hearing on the bill (LB593) from Sen. Cap Dierks of Ewing was held before a legislative committee Tuesday.

To comply with the court decision, the measure wouldn't keep out-of-state individuals or family corporations off Nebraska farmland. Only nonfamily corporations would be blocked. But up to five unrelated people would be able to have a limited liability farming venture in the state. All of those involved in such a venture would have to be involved in the day-to-day operations, including manual labor.

A similar measure fell flat in the Legislature last year."

This was the article posted on KolnKgin's website this evening. Take what you want from it. I was at the hearing today and I can tell you this much, the proponents of the bill outnumbered the opponents of the bill 3 to 1. I can also tell you from sitting between two opponents, that the corporations do not think to much of this bill or its chances for success.

The hearing began with a passionate plea from Chuck Hassebrook about the values and the merits of the family farming culture in Nebraska and the affects these Mega-corporations have had in the sustaining of these farms. Benjamin Gotschall also spoke on behalf of the bill discussing landownership as well as the limited opportunities for new farmers, young farmers and beginning farmers againest these corporations. One of the senators tried to corner Ben with talks of "Getting Out," or basically the idea that Ben would eventually become a landowner, build his operation and sell it for a maximum profit.

Ridiculous! This completely misses the entire point of the family farm movement. It is about succession, about building a quality way of life for current and future generations. Not for some immediate profit that is tangible and limited. A family farm is the basis of life in Nebraska and will continue to be as long as advocates such as Hassebrook and Gotschall stand up for what it right, but they must not do it alone! Anyone who cares about Nebraska and "The Good Life", or who cares about the food they eat and the health of their children and their childrens children, and for the environment and for the land must join in the cause. Contact your Nebraska State Senator, contact your local governments, get involved join movements on Facebook or NSAS. This is immediate and it is dire!

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