Monday, March 23, 2009

The Benefit of a Silver Creek

The following are the accounts from one family member in attendance at the Kevin and Mary Robb Family Benefit held March 21st in Silver Creek, Nebraska.

I wanted to send out a quick email about the events from Saturday evening. To start off with it was an amazing sight and event to attend. I do not believe I would be exaggerating if I said over 2,000 people attended. Do the Math and that is all of Genoa, Monroe, Duncan and Silver Creek (roughly) (not sure about those towns ask Dad). Crystal and I walked down at around 5:00pm with the food to be served at 6pm. There was already about 30 people there. The place quickly filled up and soon the food was served. We quickly got in line and got some food. And a good thing to the line was about 200 people deep for the first 2 hours. People just kept coming in. I am sure we broke several fire codes, but hey they kept saying that we were not going to run out of beer! The power of this rural community was very evident. Overhearing some remarks a few things stood out. The surrounding communities saw a family in need and a family in crisis and rallied to support them. This is the benefit of a Silver Creek, NE. Community support and unselfish ethic. They had an auction, both a live and a silent one. The hot ticket items were all Nebraska items. We were after all in the heart of Cornhusker country where guys named Bo and Tom and Bob are revered and needless to say those items went for well over $800.00. Another interesting tidbit, just to show you how much items were going for. Afterwards at my Grandpa's house we estimated the total brought in to be around $35,000 to $40,000 which might seem like alot if one did not know how much cancer treatment cost, so it was a meager amount to offset the cost. But dollars had little to do with the event. A family in need and a community benefit to lift them up did!

The benefit of a Silver Creek, NE. Another great advantage of rural communities in Nebraska. The power, the values, and the selflessness displayed all lend to an ideal of character no book can define. These communities are tied to the land and hence tied to the people. As a farmer is tied to his or her land so to is a rural community like Silver Creek tied to their people and to their farmers. This attitude is most recognizable when a family such as the Robb Family is in need. In need of support, in need of salvation, and in need if being picked up, time and time again! It is with this thought that I am proud to have participated and attended the event!

This picture was taken several years ago.
From left to right standing: Grandpa Powers, Brandon Robb, Uncle Kevin Robb, Katie Robb (in front of Kevin), William Powers (holding the cake), Aunt Lorna, Uncle Bob, Aunt Mary Robb, Aunt Francis
Sitting: Sam Robb and Crystal Powers

Up date: Kevin and Mary Robb are the Aunt and Uncle of William Powers. Kevin was recently diagnosed with cancer while Mary has been battling breast cancer for a while.

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