Monday, June 15, 2009

"My Family Farm Idea"

Growing up on a small farm near Plain City, Ohio, I always envisioned myself attending the University of Nebraska – Lincoln, earning a degree and returning back to our family farm. However I openly questioned that as I saw more and more farms going under and the decline in the health of our family’s own farm. During my freshman year of college several things occurred that led me to believe that Nebraska was where I wanted to carry on my family farm idea. The most important was meeting my wife Crystal. Our shared values of stewardship and collaboration of the land and the family farm has lead to an immensely rewarding relationship and that will continue to be the strength and foundation for our farm.

The second was the landscape and the geology of the state of Nebraska. Both the land and the people lend themselves to a culture of progress, of stewardship and of unwavering val-ues. I was not altogether unfamiliar with Nebraska. My father was born and raised in Silver Creek, and I still have quite a bit of family here. I see these same values in my family as I see in Nebraska and I believe that it is a great resource to grow as stewards of the land and of our farms.

I firmly believe in the mission of NSAS, which states: NSAS promotes agriculture and food systems that build healthy land, people, communities and quality of life, for present and future generations. Growing up I was very active in FFA. One event I did was the Creed Speaking Contest, in which freshman recite the FFA Creed. The opening line of the creed is “I believe in the future of agriculture with a faith born not of words, but of deeds.” This has always stuck with me and I believe it is essential for the future of NSAS. Farm Tours, Farmer to Consumer connections, conferences, annual meetings, farmer’s markets, and youth camps are all ways to further this mission.

We must continue to foster and facilitate the growth of sustainable agriculture and increase the viability of the family farm in order to ensure this way of life and I believe NSAS can be a leader in this movement, both in Nebraska and the Midwest but also nationwide!
Thank you and I look forward to meeting everyone! I am completely accessible, so feel free to call or send me an email. And if you are in the Lincoln area stop by!

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