Friday, April 25, 2014

Nebraska Young Farmer Nights

Young Farmer Nights to kickoff in May

We will once again be holding the highly successful Nebraska Young Farmer Nights this growing season.  We will kickoff the season with our first young farmer nights in the middle of May.  The Nebraska Young Farmer Nights are held at farms (urban & rural) throughout Nebraska and typically involve a farm tour/pasture walk, a potluck meal, and a time for building community and connecting.  The Nebraska Young Farmer Nights are hosted by NSAS, and we offer a modest honorarium for farms hosting a YFN.

The idea behind the Young Farmer Nights (YFN) is to build a community of young farmers, farm interns, and folks interested in food/farming in Nebraska. We see each other at conferences and events, but rarely spend time together or see the amazing work we are all doing. YFN are a way for us all to get to see and learn from one another and get off our own farms for an evening. The model for each event (which moves around to different farms in Nebraska) is: to eat dinner together (usually potluck style), have a farm related activity (e.g.tour the fields or give a presentation on something that works well on your farm), and hang out (e.g. bonfire or play cards). The YFNs are meant to be a jumping off place for us to form a community. Last year at the Healthy Farms Conference, Sustainability Happy Hour & FSG events, the connections and friends made led to collaboration such as: tool borrowing/trading, brainstorming on pest management, fed cooperatives, shared practices, etc. Our first YFN is scheduled for the middle of May.

If you would like to host, please contact William at

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