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Weekly Events & Opportunities in Sustainable Agriculture

Urban Farms: Commercial Farms or Socially Minded Operations?

April 29. 12 p.m. Central. This webinar will provide an analysis of the differences between nonprofit and commercial urban farms, and is based on research conducted by researchers at NYU, Penn State, and NCAT-ATTRA.

A Recipe for the Perfect Salsa Tomato: NAPB Webinar

April 29th. 12pm. This presentation is part of the "How to Breed New Plant Varieties: Imagining and Engineering Crops" series and describes how processing tomatoes are bred.

Entomology Lecture

Tuesday, April 29th. 4:00 pm-5:00 pm. "Teaching scientific outreach and spreading the ethos of scientific engagement beyond the university" by Dr. Linda Rayor, Department of Entomology, Cornell University. On UNL's East Campus in the Student Union

Preparing a Seeding Plan for Conservation Practices

April 30th. 1pm. Participate to learn methods and procedures that will help to develop a plan for the successful seeding of conservation areas. The presenter will discuss issues to consider when planning and implementing critical area seedings and other conservation plantings. Choices made in planning a seeding for critical area stabilization, conservation plantings, or a restoration will be highlighted. Emphasis will be placed on issues such as the use of natives, spread of invasives, and selecting, purchasing, and installing plant materials.

Nebraska Game and Parks Safety Brief

Thursday, May 1st. 12:00 pm-1:00 pm. The mission of the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission is stewardship of the state's fish, wildlife, park, and outdoor recreation resources in the best long-term interests of the people and those resources. To accomplish that purpose, the Commission plans and implements its policies and programs efficiently and objectively; maintains a rich and diverse environment in Nebraska's lands and waters; provides outdoor recreation opportunities; manages wildlife resources for the maximum benefit of the people; and attempts to help Nebraskans appreciate their role in the natural world. This course will provide the attendee with an opportunity to receive a pre-summer brief from a Game and Parks Law Enforcement Officer. PLEASE REGISTER HERE:

Webinar: “Drought tolerance in grasslands”

Thursday, May 1. Webinar: “Drought tolerance in grasslands”, sponsored by the North American Invasive Plant Short Course.  More info at

Application of Genomics to Strawberry Breeding Webinar

May 1. 12pm. A native of Oak Ridge, North Carolina, Dr. Vance M. Whitaker completed his undergraduate degrees in Horticultural Science and Agricultural Economics at North Carolina State University. He later completed his graduate degrees at the University of Minnesota in Plant Breeding and Molecular Genetics. At Minnesota Dr. Whitaker’s research emphasis was in plant pathology, discovering and developing genetic markers for novel disease resistance genes in landscape roses. Register now at

Sustainable Water Use and Management in Urban and Rural Landscapes: Applications for Homeowners, Institutions and Communities

May 1st. Metro Community College, Fort Omaha Campus, Building 10 Room 110. 3:30pm. Landscape water use and management is important when rain is plentiful as well as in drought.  Stormwater (rainwater that runs off any surfaces - roofs, roads, parking lots) can be managed in your home or business to mitigate flooding, enhance water quality and protect water resources - while also benefiting your landscapes.  Effective stormwater management using landscape plants and soils - including "green" infrastructure and other sustainable strategies - can be applied in the home, institution or community level. In this presentation, you will also learn about water-wise plant types, planting design, and other strategies to help your yard survive and stay beautiful even when rain is slim.  It is planting with conservation in mind.

All Bugs Good and Bad Webinar Series: Are Those Itsy Bitsy Spiders Good or Bad?

May 2. 1pm. Let's talk about the benefits that spiders provide and how we can harness their usefulness -- how they fit into IPM plans. This webinar will be presented by Dr. Nancy Hinkle, a Professor in the Department of Entomology at the University of Georgia. Moderated by Charles Pinkston, Regional Extension Agent, Alabama Cooperative Extension System.

Seed Savers Exchange Rare and Unusual Heritage Plant Sale

Saturday, May 3. Decorah, IA. Discover old family heirlooms and historic commercial varieties offered exclusively at Heritage Farm. Join SSE staff to uncover the nearly-forgotten history of these plants and learn how SSE has preserved the seeds and their stories. This event also marks the start of SSE’s spring transplant sales at the Lillian Goldman Visitors Center. For more, visit:

Low Stress Livestock Handling Ranch Tour

May 3. Olsburg, Kansas. This tour is the last "Amazing Grazing" event sponsored with funding from North Central Risk Management Education Center, USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture. Partners include the Kansas Farmers Union, Kansas SARE, Kansas Center for Sustainable Agriculture and Alternative Crops, Kansas Graziers, Kansas NRCS, and Kansas Grazing Land Coalition. Two Olsburg ranches will highlight working facilities that utilize low stress methods to quietly and effectively process cattle, sheep and goats. Link:


Nebraska Veteran Embarks on New Mission with Poultry Operation

Rural America could be considered fertile ground for patriotism. The ties of close-knit communities foster certain sentiments about people, the land, and hard work.  And for some, protecting this way of life is more than just an option or an expectation… It’s a given.   Dan Hromas/York, Nebraska:"I was done with high school…1995.  Six days later I was standing tall in the yellow footprints at Paris Island, South Carolina for Marine Corp boot camp.  My mom was a Marine and so I told the recruiters I wouldn’t sign anything unless they had in writing I could go to Paris Island and graduate from the same place my mom did 20 years prior.” Dan Hromas pursued a military career that took him across the globe.   But wherever the young Nebraskan was stationed, his thoughts would eventually turn to home.
Read the rest of this story about Dan at,


One Row Potato Digger Needed

I'm looking for a used one row potato digger.  Much like this: If you have one that you aren't using or know of some one who might have one, please let me know. Thanks! Ellen Walsh-Rosmann, Pin Oak Place at Rosmann Family Farms,  712-579-1933

Certified Organic Corn for Sale

We have around 100 bushels of feed grain certified organic yellow corn for sale.  It would be available for feed in small amounts if desired or someone could buy the whole thing.  Price is $10 per bushel.  Test weight is 59.8 lb. and moisture is around 13.8%.  This is extra that did not go on a semi-load that we sold. Ke n Thiltges,  Bluff Valley Farm, Rulo.

Looking for a Brady or barge feed wagon

I am in the market for a Brady or barge feed wagon, or anything that can store bulk feed and be pulled w/ a ball & hitch.  Thank you for your time and consideration! Dan Hromas, Prairie Pride Poultry, 

Seeking Manure

The Clyde Malone Community Center, located in Lincoln, Nebraska is seeking a donation of livestock manure, preferably older than a year and fed non-GMO.  The Malone Center is an African-American Community Center that provides educational, cultural, and advocacy programs. The center hosts a Day-Care Program for low-income families in the community during the summer, and the children have voiced their desire to get dirty and learn in the garden!  We would like to fill one pick up truck bed full of manure for the garden project. We are willing to load and transport. The closer to Lincoln, the better.  You may reach me by e-mail: or by phone/text: (402)512-0066.  Thanks, Danny Martin

Cottonwood Needed

I'm a student at UNL doing a class project, working with the Student Organic Farm.  Our project is to build them a hugleculture that they can plant on this spring, and were needing a source for a downed cottonwood tree that we could take of someones hands.   Thank you for your time, 
 Kendra Nelson,

Solar Power for Habitat for Humanity Families

Nebraskans for Solar & Habitat for Humanity of Omaha are crowdfunding on Indiegogo to install solar hot water systems on five new or rehabilitated houses: If we reach our goal, five Omaha families will be able to reduce their monthly energy costs by harnessing power from the sun for the next 20 to 25 years! The money they save can be spent on food, healthcare, education, and other needs, benefiting their families and communities for a very long time.

Organic Seed Production

Blue River Hybrids, an organic, non-GMO seed company located south of Ames, Iowa, needs to expand its production capabilities. We are currently looking for grain drying facilities near organic farms with irrigation in Nebraska. Would you be aware of any locations with grain drying capabilities? Cheri Johnson,

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