Tuesday, January 19, 2016

2016 Healthy Farms Conference Youth Program!

This year, parents, plan on bringing lots of warm clothing: gloves, hats and boots for your child to participate in outdoor activities with the Arbor Day Tree Adventure!  From COLD to HOT children will also want to have their swimsuits to enjoy the kiddy wading or Olympic-sized indoor pool. Thanks to a generous sponsor, youth under 10 are free to attend the conference. Email William @ healthyfarms@gmail.com for details.  

Friday, January 29th. 10:00 – 2:00pm.

Art in the Garden. Ali Clark, Big Muddy Urban Farm & Omaha City Sprouts. Create garden decorations for your home garden, using natural and recycled materials! Some of the projects will include: pinecone bird feeders, water bottle flowers and more     

Wacky Container Gardening. Ali Clark. Create a fun & unique indoor garden planter using wacky containers! We’ll provide materials for creating your wacky container, & invite you to bring your own. Ideas include: recycled food containers, used shoes, dishes, etc.       
Growing fruits and veggies in your orchard. Vaughn Hammond from Union Orchard.

Friday, January 29th. 2 pm - 4 pm

Tree Adventure Tour & Gnome Hunt!
We'll meet our guide in the Upper Lobby of the Lied Lodge. We'll begin with a walk to the Tree Adventure. Once there we'll get tour of the greenhouse, the Hero Gallery and the Education Pavilion. About the Hero Gallery: "The Trees for America® program embodies the Arbor Day Foundation’s belief that each of us has a responsibility for wise environmental stewardship." 

Next we'll split into teams and begin the Gnone Hunt which will include a scavenger like hunt with clues & activities as we search for the Arbor Day Gnome! If time & weather allows, we'll continue to explore the Arbor Day Lodge Trails!

Saturday, January 30th. 9:00 – 1:30pm.

Lil’ Chefs Cooking with Local Foods. JoAnne Garvey Chef Instructor, Institute for the Culinary Arts, Metropolitan Community College. Students will make pizzas from scratch using local ingredients. 

Identifying Beneficial Insects. We will look at the beneficial insects most commonly found in Nebraska farms, and identify them at all of their various life stages.  Natalia Bjorklund UNL Extension Educator..
Creating Farmers Market Stands. Cait Caughey from Botna Burrow & the Big Garden. In this session we will explore what goes into setting up a farmer's market stand. We will design our own products, create samples and signage, set prices, learning about making change and customer service. Great for all ages -- lots of creative play!  

Herbal Plant Medicine Making.  Cait Caughey. In this session we will touch, taste, and smell different plants that have qualities that can heal us like lavender, mint, lemon balm, echinacea, yarrow, and calendula! We will learn how these plants grow. Then, we will process them to make lip balm, tea, and an herbal chest rub great for colds! Homemade health care is amazing! Great for all ages but little ones are suggested to have their parent along to help. 

Saturday, January 30th, 1:30 – 3:30pm.

1:30 pm - 3:30 pm
Ground Hog Day Hike, Movie and Craft!
We'll begin by hiking to the Tree Adventure. Once there we'll begin the Ground Hog Day Hike. Followed by Trees in Movies and crafts.  This enjoyable 15–20 minute compilation of 90 scenes from 66 classic movies in which trees have starring roles. And just outside the theatre, interactive tree-themed kiosks provide a fun and educational experience for all age. The Tree Adventure will also be included!

Ali Clark serves as the garden manager at City Sprouts Community Garden and farmer at Big Muddy Urban Farm. She grew up gardening and loves to be creative with natural materials, plants and garden spaces. When she isn't farming, Ali enjoys cooking, knitting and candy-making.

Cait Caughey operates a family-farm in Southwest Iowa (Botna Burrow) and is the Education Coordinator at Big Garden in Omaha. She teaches organic gardening skills, farm to school, and entrepreneurship curricula in Omaha and SW Iowa to children and youth ages 2-18. She loves building soil, building connections to healthy food, and building relationships. You can contact her at ccaughey@bigmuddyumc.org 

JoAnn Garvey, Full-time faculty instructor teaching Introduction to Culinary Arts, and proteins fabrication. With over 30 years of experience in food service. Students will make pizza from scratch using local ingredients. Chef Garvey brings her expertise to healthy farms conference and, is a a board member of City Sprouts, and NSAS.

Register online @ www.NebSusAg.org/conference.shtml

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