Thursday, January 21, 2016

Healthy Farms Conference Breakout Sessions VI

Who Are Your Customers? Introduction to One Important Segment

A “from the other side” presentation/panel discussion by representatives of some of the  organized consumer groups (eg: Omaha Thrifty Moms, etc). We’ll actually hear what one large segment of end consumers think of us and our products. 

Moderator: Gene Gauge

Amanda Kuehmichel; My husband and I run a small business out of our home in Bellevue, NE called Thrifty Omaha Moms. I began the business in 2013 selling some eggs and splitting a whole beef with some friends. The business began with supporting other small businesses to purchase items in bulk for a discount for our group. The group has grown and is around 2,000 members. I would roughly estimate that around 150 members purchase local food items on a pretty regular basis through my weekly farm orders. I work closely with Farmtable Delivery and Stick and Stones Brick Oven Bakery for these weekly orders. I then work with a handful of other farmers to purchase bulk meats and dairy. My group purchased nearly $100,000 in local foods in the past year. Outside of this business I run two other small businesses (selling Norwex and Mary and Martha), am a homeschooling Mom to two girls(ages 4 and 6), and are part of a church plant in Bellevue. I grew up in Wisconsin and moved to Nebraska in July of 2011. My husband Ben is a Software Engineer for Google. 

Fence Building & Water Systems

Mike will explain how to build a good hi-tensile fence and the keys to a resilient system. He we also discuss various options for portable water and grazing pivots.

Mike Anderson’s heart and soul has been in the world of agriculture since his childhood days spent on his family’s farm in South-Central Nebraska. As an international wildlife fencing & irrigation consultant working in the industry for more than 40 years, he’s been sought after for his vast industry knowledge by numerous state and federal agencies, university researchers, dealers, distributors, landowners and managers. After years spent as a territory rep responsible for design training and sales of power fence products and irrigation systems, Mike has also parlayed his extensive knowledge into the design and construction of vineyards and orchards. When he’s not spending his days traveling to support his valued customers and colleagues you can find him enjoying time with his family at his home in Lincoln.

Consideration when choosing a location for your Orchard

The success of an orchard in most cases just doesn’t happen.  Several considerations need to be made when choosing where to locate your planting to help ensure healthy, successfully fruit production.  It is not just about having a piece of ground and planting there but rather identifying nuances of the site and taking those characteristics into consideration and understanding how they affect the growth of the planting.

Vaughn Hammond; is currently the Team Leader and Mentor at Union Orchard located near Nebraska City.  His career has focused around local foods and sustainable, alternative agriculture and the entrepreneurship related to small farming.  His education includes a Bachelor of Science in Horticulture and a Masters of Science in Entomology.  His previous experience includes working for the University of Nebraska as a research technologist and Extension Educator and Agriculture Advisor in Afghanistan working with fruit, vegetable and honey producers in the Paktya Provence.

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