Thursday, September 24, 2015

Amazing Farmer Support Network and Terrific People!

Greetings good people of the NSAS!.

I'm here to remind you how wonderful the Nebraska Sustainable Agriculture Society is and why you should join/renew. If the amazing support network and terrific people aren't enough, do it for the conference!

You can join or renew here,

We'll be back at the beautiful Lied Lodge in Nebraska City again this year and we have a ton of great sessions lined up. There are sessions of interest for seasoned farmers and curious urbanites and everything in between.

It's $45 to join and you'll save $45 on your full conference registration by being a member.
$45 paid - $45 saved = $0 Net Cost 

So let's review:
  1. Join or renew,
  2. Great organization with a worthy cause
  3. Wonderful people and support network
  4. Numerous educational events
  5. The best sustainable ag conference (and best value) around
  6. You get a 100% return on your membership investment just by attending the conference.

If you think you're a member but don't recall when you renewed last, please drop us a line and double check.
Here's some additional info on the conference for those who couldn't/wouldn't click on the link above. There will be more info coming out soon:

Jon Yoachim, NSAS Board Vice President & Farmer at Open Sky Farm

2016 Healthy Farms Conference

Planning for the 2016 Healthy Farms Conference is well under way! The 2016 Healthy Farms Conference will be on January 29th and 30that the Lied Lodge and Conference Center in Nebraska City. We are also pleased to announce Molly Haviland as one of our keynote presentations. Find details below!

Molly Haviland

Certified Soil Life Consultant, Haviland Earth Regeneration. Molly has a B.S. degree in sustainable living and is an affiliate professor at the Maharishi University of Management where she co-teaches with world renowned soil microbiologist Dr. Elaine Ingham. She is co-founder of the Living Soil Compost Lab and is a Holistic Soil Life Consultant. As a microherder, Molly understands how to cultivate beneficial soil organisms, merge them into growing systems, and encourage them to thrive in that location. She has worked with compost operations, graziers, and growers to develop the highest quality compost and compost amendments designed specifically for the desired crop. She introduces her audiences to the foundational principals of cultivating the soil foodweb and the myriad benefits from its presence. She demonstrates how the soil foodweb is a tool that, when used correctly, has been proven to provide maximum yields with increased mineral and nutrient content, components essential for thriving plants, animals, and human communities.

About Molly Haviland

Follow this link for more information,

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