Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Producers Choice Chef Award Recipient Matt Roush, Chef de Cuisine at bread&cup!

Bread & Cup nominated again for dedication to local & sustainable foods in Nebraska!

Lincoln chef Matt Roush, @chefmattroush, from Bread & Cup, @breadandcup, has been selected for the Producers Choice Chef Award.  The PCCA recognizes chefs nominated & voted on by NSAS farmers throughout Nebraska for their dedication to local & sustainable foods.  Attendees will enjoy a five course meal prepared by local chefs made with ingredients from local producers. Each chef will be paired with a local & sustainable farmer. Chef Matt will be paired with one of the founders of NSAS, Grain Place Foods!

About Matt, courtesy of the Sustained Chef Blog;

Matt Roush, aka Uncle Matt, came to us almost two years ago this December to work as my sous chef at bread&cup.  We were at a point in growth that I needed someone to trust to help execute the evening service.  He had experience cooking in volume and speed, and when he told me the number of covers they would kick out the window on a busy weekend night at his previous employment, I knew the slower pace of our little craft kitchen wouldn’t be a problem.

I repeat over and over again that I don’t first look for experience, but instead I look for people that can work. I can teach and develop skill. I can’t create work ethic. While Matt did not have the immediate skills of finesse and creativity that our constantly changing menu requires, I could easily see he had the raw material of devotion and dedication that is needed to develop a great plate of food to our standards.

In two short years he has improved to the point that he now holds the title of Chef de Cuisine at bread&cup.  I have handed him the keys to our kitchen and he shoulders the responsibility of our nightly service. 

About Grain Place Foods;

It all began on the Vetter family farm near Marquette, Nebraska in 1953. That is when Don Vetter, questioning the science and ethics of the agricultural practices of the day, began to adopt organic farming methods.

Don’s son David returned to the farm in 1975 after earning a Bachelor’s Degree in agronomy/soil science from the University of Nebraska, and a Master of Divinity Degree from United Theological Seminary in Dayton, Ohio. For David, organic, sustainable farming methods became an application of both biological and theological principles.

The Vetters were true pioneers, being among the first in the region to take the organic challenge. Their courage and perseverance paid off; the farm was certified organic in 1978, and became The Grain Place, Inc. in 1979.

Join us on November 1, 2015 as we celebrate the Fabric of Local Foods. Enjoy a five course meal prepared by local chefs made with ingredients from local producers. Our keynote speaker, Robert Egger, will share challenges and solutions to eliminate intergenerational hunger. Egger is Founder and President of L.A. Kitchen, which recovers fresh fruits and vegetables to fuel a culinary arts job training program.

Engage in a unique farm to table dining experience for one night only. Reserve your seat at the table! Sponsorships and tickets are available.

All proceeds will support programs of Nebraska Sustainable Agriculture Society and the food hub for No More Empty Pots.
For more information:
Call: 402.502.1642 and ask for Susan

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