Tuesday, September 8, 2015

NSAS September Membership Drive!!

Hello NSAS Friends & Supporters!

With the arrival of Fall soon upon us, it's a good time to count our blessings and assess the things that are valuable to us.  

As the current board president of NSAS, I am grateful for all the activity my board members have engaged in during the last few years.  We have entered into meaningful dialogue about animal welfare, updated the by-laws of the organization (the last version used words like "facsimile and registered mail!", launched the Producers Choice Chef Awards, initiated contact with FFA youth, and continued our work with the Beginning Farmers project.

I am grateful to have a dedicated and energetic Executive Director who shares his passion for sustainable agriculture with our organization.  His SHH (Sustainability Happy Hour) sessions and series of farm tours across the state have brought new energy and new faces to our table.  The Farmers Night Out evenings have given many of us an opportunity to meet some of our "neighbors" and take a minute to sit down and enjoy a meal or drink together.

It is my hope that you will also be grateful for the opportunity to be part of these events and discussions via the listserve and in person.  To maintain the financial sustainability of our organization, I invite you to renew your memberships or if you aren't a member to join!!  In just a few easy clicks, you can show support for the sustainable agriculture movement right here in Nebraska!!

Here are a few dates to keep in mind of upcoming activities NSAS has is store for you:

November 1st:  NSAS is partnering with No More Empty Pots this year to host the third Producers Choice Chef Award fundraising dinner.  This will again be in Omaha at Metro's Institute for Culinary Arts and this year's theme is collaboration.  We have five great chefs from the Omaha, Lincoln and Waverly area who will be putting on a great meal for us!

January 28-30:  NSAS will be celebrating 35 years!!  Plan to join us for our conference in Nebraska City at the Lied Lodge.  The "Back to the Roots" theme will be the backbone for great breakout sessions and as always the conference is a great way to catch up with your friends.

NSAS has served as a key venue for me to learn a refreshing and grounded perspective on what I eat and where my food really comes from.  

Eat well, be well,
Krista, NSAS Board President


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