Friday, October 30, 2015

Producers Choice Chef Award Recipient Darrell Auld, Chef Owner of Twisted Cork Bistro!

Auld nominated for his passion for local foods!

Omaha chef & owner of Twisted Cork Bistro, Darrell Auld, @TCBistroOmaha, has been selected for the Producers Choice Chef Award. The PCCA recognizes chefs nominated & voted on by NSAS farmers throughout Nebraska for their dedication to local & sustainable foods and farms. Enjoy a 5 course meal prepared by local chefs made with ingredients from local farmers. Chefs will be paired with local sustainable farmers. Chef Darrell will be paired with Prairieland Dairy#5LocalChefs

About Darrell; 
Darrell is a Graduate of the Univeristy of Washington with a degree in Business. Auld has been in restaurants since his first job as a dishwasher. He has been in the kitchen, the front, the bar or as manager in some capacity since.  Auld has opened numerous restaurants,  and created menus along with executive chefs. He has a history of revitalizing restaurants from raising sales in slow restaurants to making unprofitable restaurants profitable. 

Darrell has sat on many tasting panels including food, wine & liquor panels to help develop tastes and experiences. In 2007 Darrell and his family moved from Seattle. He leased the space that is now Twisted Cork Bistro on Pacific Street and with his father-in-law built out the bistro. Darrell created his own menu with great details to sourcing local all natural products. Like Ying & Yang, hot salmon & cold salad. Darrell values guest feedback as well as trends, and would add items as he felt they would sell. 

About Prairieland Dairy;
Firth Nebraska's Prairieland Dairy located just 15 miles south of Lincoln, was created when the Eickhoff, Goossen, Obbink and Rice family farms joined together as one.Our mission was to create a new kind of dairy: one that was sustainable, open and transparent; one that served people, cows and the planet.

When you buy Prairieland Dairy products,you join us in this effort to better our environment, economy and community. Not only do you get great-tasting, all natural dairy at a fair price, you get a little taste of“the good ol’ days,” when food was simpler and grown by people you knew and trusted.On behalf of Al, Harvey, Bill, Mike, Andy,Cliff, Dave and myself, we hope you enjoy our milk and dairy foods. Come see us at the farm—we’re happy to show you exactly where your milk comes from, and why that makes a world of difference.

Join us on November 1, 2015 as we celebrate the Fabric of Local Foods. Enjoy a five course meal prepared by local chefs made with ingredients from local producers. Our keynote speaker, Robert Egger, will share challenges and solutions to eliminate intergenerational hunger. Egger is Founder and President of L.A. Kitchen, which recovers fresh fruits and vegetables to fuel a culinary arts job training program.

Check us out online:
Engage in a unique farm to table dining experience for one night only. Reserve your seat at the table! Sponsorships and tickets are available.

All proceeds will support programs of Nebraska Sustainable Agriculture Society and the food hub for No More Empty Pots.
For more information:
Call: 402.502.1642 and ask for Susan

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